Monday, January 18, 2010

Singers Getting in Tune for the Irving Awards

The Eunice Players' Theatre is preparing for the 40th Annual Irving Awards and Dance for Saturday, January 30th. This stellar group of preformers were all involved in the theatre's summer musicals over the past 40 years and were invited to come back and sing a medley of songs saluting the theatre's past musicals. The music is under the direction of Angie LaCalle and pianist Jimmy Broussard and this will be presented on the night of the Irving awards. This gala event is by invitation only.
In this photo: Pat Dossman, Barbara Voinche, Sharon Blankenship, Holly Bell, Gabe Ortego, Gracie Feucht, John Burleigh, Kristi Burleigh, Christian Miller, Audrey Bell, Paula Vizinat Feucht, Liz Bryan, Taylor LaCalle, Darrel LeJeune, Angie LaCalle, Jimmy Broussard, Lisa Vizinat.

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