Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Irving Award Winners

Best Play - Greater Tuna - L-R: Gabe Ortego, Denise Fusilier, Kevin Miller, Director Ching Wasmuth, Van Reed, Jody L Powell, Vincent Veillon, Barbara Wells, Deborah D. Ardoin

Congratulations to all Irving Award winners!!

Best Set - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Brett Faulkner, Liz Bryan, Jerica Guillory, David McGee, Jody L. Powell

Best Lighting and Sound - Greater Tuna - Deborah D. Ardoin, Rick Nesbitt, Gabe Ortego

Best Costumes - Greater Tuna - Jody L. Powell, Denise Fusilier

Best Hair and Makeup - Moonlight and Magnolias - David Manuel, Pilar Parrie

Best Supporting Actress - Amy Martel Rider as Mss Poppenghul in Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Supporting Actor - Brett Faulkner as Victor Fleming in Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Actress - Deborah D. Ardoin as Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Best Actor - Van Reed as 10 characters in Greater Tuna

Best Director - Debi L. Crawford for Moonlight and Magnolias

Best Play - Greater Tuna

Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical - Duncan McBride

Best Perfomance by an Actress in a Musical - Holly Bell

Joanie Kerstein Musical Award (for outstanding contriubution to Eunice Players' Theatre musical productions) - Debi L. Crawford

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