Friday, March 26, 2010

First President of EPT Crosses to Another Stage From The Impossible Years 1980
Karl in the red shirt from Guys and Dolls 1977

at the Irving Awards with Doris Stagg 1971

From Dames at Sea 1973

EPT lost its founding member and first president in the death of King Karl DeRouen Wednesday night. Karl had a great fondness, enthusiasm and fervor for EPT. He was one of those that built the theatre from the ground up in the early days, literally and figuratively. He was one of the ones talking to the city council, securing lighting, hanging curtains, building flats, etc. He knew many people in town and was instrumental in bringing many of them onto the stage and into the theatre. He provided equipment from the radio station and was largely responsible for any sound effects and other recordings that any play needed. He was a driving force behind the development and continuing existence of EPT.

For the next two decades he acted in 13 plays and worked on at least 20 more, either doing set construction, lighting and sound, or publicity. He was a frequent and recurring host of the Irving Awards and he is one of a handful of people to have received the Tim Wooten Award.

We'll miss you, Karl.

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