Monday, February 13, 2012

Irving Award Winners

David Manuel was the recipient of the Tim Wooten Memorial Award. This award is only given to those demonstrating exemplary service and commitment to the theatre upon a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors. David was nominated by Jody L. Powell for his outstanding enthusiasm and support for the theatre. He is pictured with his wife, Beth Manuel.

Irving Award winners from "A Nice Family Gathering" include Brett Faulkner, Jerica Guillory, John D. Kittles, Noah Kittles, Sammy Lamonte, Angie B. McBride, and Jody L. Powell for Best Set; Deborah D. Ardoin, Angelle Driggs, and Beth Reed for Best Hair and Makeup; Angelle Driggs for Best Supporting Actress; Deborah D. Ardoin for Best Actress; and Jody L. Powell for Best Play. The play also won the award for Best Play. 

Irving Award winners from the summer musical, "Schoolhouse Rock Live!" include Andy Doucet and Gabe Ortego for Best Performance by a Male, and Taylor LaCalle (center in the attached picture) for Best Performance by a Female.

Irving Award winners from "Completely Hollywood, abridged" include Gabe Ortego and Randy Fontenot for Best Lighting and Sound; Cathy Dischler, Suzanne LaHaye, and Liz Bryan for Best Costumes; Van Reed for Best Supporting Actor; and Kevin Courville for Best Actor.

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