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Meet the Cast of "Five Women Wearing The Same Dress"

Bonnie Pitre
Bonnie Pitre plays Meredith, the sister of the bride. After hearing the description of Tracey the bride, one instantly gets the feeling that these two sisters couldn't be more different. Meredith is not happy to be part of the day's festivities and she isn't afraid to speak her mind about it. But there is something darker lurking just beneath the surface with Meredith and it will test the bonds that these women have formed in their short time stuck in that ridiculous dress with what looks like a bird's nest on their heads. So here she is boys and girls! Our last bridesmaid, Miss Bonnie Pitre:

Bonnie Pitre was born and raised in Eunice and is the daughter of Kenneth and Clara Pitre. She was home schooled throughout elementary and middle school. She attended St. Edmund's during high school and graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and minor in Theatre. Bonnie is currently a co-owner of Lakeview Park & Beach here in Eunice where she wears many hats from managing and bookkeeping to special events planning and bartending. She is also on the board of the Eunice Chamber of Commerce and the Eunice Players' Theater. Some of the more recent roles that Bonnie has had at the Eunice Players' Theatre include Corie Bratter in “Barefoot in the Park”, Honey in “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and Sarah in “Providence”. She also worked in the light and sound booth for “If the Shoe Fits” and “On Golden Pond”.

Meredith is the younger sister of Tracy, the bride. She grew up very fast and was introduced to many things at a very young age. Bonnie relates to her character in this sense. She grew up hanging out with her older sister and friends and was always the young one in the bunch...although Bonnie was not introduced to nearly as much as Meredith was. Meredith has a dark secret that she has been holding on to which is the reason for much of her anger and despise towards her sister.
Amy M. Rider
Amy Martel Rider plays Tricia, the most outspoken of all the bridesmaids. She is a woman who knows what she wants and means what she says. Tricia doesn't bite her tongue for anyone. So, to steal a classic line from that other classic comedy about southern women, if you don't have anything nice to say go sit by Tricia. So here's Amy:

Amy Martel Rider has literally grown up at the Eunice Players’ Theatre. Her first role onstage was in the theatre’s production of “Noises Off” at the age of 23. She has appeared in several comedies, including “Bathroom Humor”, “Jake’s Women”, and “Moonlight and Magnolias” which garnered a Best Supporting Actress award in 2009 as the loyal secretary, Miss Poppinghul. Amy has worked backstage in all aspects of theatre and she has won several technical awards for hair and make-up, lights and sound and costumes. Amy has served on the Eunice Players’ Theatre Board of Director since 2010. She is married to Sean Rider and they reside in Eunice.

Adrienne Miller
Adrienne Miller plays Georgeanne, who isn't having the best time at her so-called friend's wedding. See, Georgeanne went to the wedding with very specific intentions and her eyes set on a very specific groomsmen but needless to say nothing turned out the way she planned. But we know you will enjoy watching the fallout because we sure do. So everyone, here is Adrienne!

Adrienne was in the 5th grade when she entered her first public speaking contest. Since that time, she has always had a love for speaking in front of an audience. After spending many years in college and 2 degrees later; she decided it was time to take to the stage. After performing a small role in the Acadia Players Theater play, "Cinderella" this past summer; she decided that she wanted to move on to a larger role. She fell in love with her character, Georgeanne, instantly.  Georgeanne is a very blunt, sarcastic individual who is also extremely emotional at times. She has been through much turmoil in her young life and Adrienne feels like many women can personally relate to her. When not acting on stage, IAdrienne works with her first love....children. Currently, she is in her 3rd year as a school counselor, and she truly loves every minute of it! 

Katelin Lebleu
Katelin Lebleu, plays Frances, the Christian cousin of the bride. Frances tends to be the moral center of the group but as you will see she has a little bit of wild side that is waiting to come out. But enough about that, here is Katelin.

Katelin LeBleu, nineteen, is from Basile; where she lives with her father, Bazil, and younger sister, Brittany. She is currently a student at Louisiana State University Eunice majoring in mathematics. Katelin’s previous theater experience includes productions while in junior high though high school. More recently she was involved in "Camelot" at Eunice Players' Theater and "The Hobbit" at Opelousas Little Theatre.

Kelly Pitre
Kelly Pitre plays Mindy, the outspoken lesbian sister of the groom. Mindy is a self described high strung neurotic who is repressed although she may not be as repressed as she thinks when it comes to speaking her mind. Here is Kelly:

Kelly Pitre is the wife of Lance Pitre and mother of Matt, Heidi, Alain, Camille and Nic, and various other “adopted” kids who show up at any given time. She is co-owner of L'Acadie Inn and RV Park which she also manages. Kelly attended St. Edmund's, LSU-E, and LSU where she completed her studies with a Master of Arts in Communication Disorders. She also commits time to her community through the Eunice Chamber of Commerce and to her church through the St. Thomas More Bereavement and Life Teen cooking committees. In her other free time, she reads, sews, cooks, and brews a variety of spirits. She is also a semi-professional off-road truck driver, or so she believes.

Kelly says she relates, in some ways, to all the female characters. She plays the part of Mindy who is the boisterous and sarcastic lesbian sister-in-law. While Mindy is happy, go-lucky, she uses her sarcasm to mask her awkwardness. Kelly empathizes with her character, Mindy, very much in that respect and is affectionately known as “Queen Dragon Lady” at home. But watch out, Mindy and Kelly's humor and dry wit often hide a touch of truth!

Joshua D. Carriere
Joshua D. Carriere is a native of Eunice, La. His theatrical debut came by the way of the musical "Camelot" this summer at the Eunice Players' Theatre. In the production he played one of the three main knights, Sir Lionel.  Joshua has also branched out to other theatres.  He played the role of Agent Fox Smoulder, with Troupe d' Evangeline Community Theatre of Ville Platte, La, in the mystery dinner "who done it" production of "Polter-Heist." It has been a busy season for Joshua in the community theatre world as he continues to stretch and develop in this craft. Joshua's appreciation and interest in theatre continue to grow as he intends to participate in future productions.

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